Explosive, responsive and complex, one of a kind, hand crafted cymbals with a beautiful look and marvelous to play and hear. Full of life, music and power like a Volcano. These cymbals were born on the slopes of Sicily’s Mount Etna, where the ideas for models and ranges are researched, created and developed. The final design is then transferred to Istanbul – world’s capital of the art of cymbals – where Master artisans with over 30 years of experience hammer and lathe the bronze pies, to create something uniquely special: Vulcan Cymbals.

Every cymbal produced in each range is subtly unique, which proves their totally handmade craftsmanship.

Vulcan designs incorporate elements from every stage of cymbal history: from the  sounds of the Great Jazz Pioneers to the sophisticated sound needs of today’s players. So many drummers searching for the “perfect cymbal sound” to complete their musical vision across every genre, and Vulcan’s catalogue has something just right for all of them.

We are a Shared & Limited-Edition Company:

“Shared” because we take great pride in incorporating the ideas and suggestions of our clients in our work.

“Limited” is how we intentionally keep the production, so that every single cymbal can meet the highest standards of quality, and the great deal of personality we are committed to deliver with each cymbal.

This is Vulcan.