Explosive, dark, one of a kind, with actractive look, beautiful to see and marvelous to play and listen, full of life and music like a Volcano. Vulcan Cymbals are born from the slopes of Etna; here is were the idea is born, then the design is transferred in Istanbul were the Masters Artisan Cymbals makers with more than 30 years experience hammering and lathing the cymbals to create something special, the Vulcan Cymbals.Every cymbal is one and only, not two the same, to testify the total handmade quality of the cymbals.The Vulcan quality cross every stage of the cymbals story, from the Great Jazz Drummers from 50’, with their turkish cymbals, to now with a lot of drummer searching the “perfect cymbal” for their music visions.We are a “Shared & Limited” Edition Company”. always a limited edition because we don’t produce purposely a lot of cymbals, but we are for a selected and discriminate players who want the best. Vulcan are cymbals with a lot of personality.“Shared” because we like to consider every sound and all the suggestions from our discriminate drummers.This means to be one and only This is Vulcan.

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