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Classic series is the most traditional and all round cymbals serie available. A dark sound, but still complex and very articulate. The Classic series cut trought the amplification and still are very musical. Those are cymbals for every season and all the musical situation. Piercing rides and cutting crash, for a set of cymbals as first choice.


With a lathed and unlathed concentric circle on the top and a totally lathed bottom this is a true classic .Clear sound, definied ping for a very versatile sound, from pop to heavy metal. They produces a musical sound also very interesting with different beaters as brushes or mallet.


Brilliant finish like a gold gem. Totally lathed with bigger bells, with a medium heavy weigth. Those cymbals are suited for rock and pop and rock, clear ping, explosive and cutting crash, but with something very warm and musical from the great hammering work. Perfect cymbals for amplified musical enviroment.


Etna series sefe the purpose of Folk, pop and rock, with a lathed and unlathed portion of the cymbals, those cymbals are perfect for the drummer that needs definition in his cymbals and very cuting crash.

Dark Master

Cool look, this series has dark sound but more articulated ping, over a marvelous blend of harmonics. Musical hi hat with soft chick sound and smooth and articulate stick response. Dark Master cymbals are born for jazz but great for every stile.

White Master

The White Master Series is the “new thing” on the market: thanks to hard and very complex works this series has a bright finish and more high pitch with more harmonics. The White Master are taylored for more modern music enviroment, and for bringing some “unique” sound to your set. The weight is stamped on every cymbal and the ride sizes goes up to 24”, and plus there is the “Special crash”.


From an ancient formula, and after a great hammering work, this serie is absolutely smooth: anyway those cymbals are still graced with the famous “Dry Click” from the masterworks of the legendary turkish Master.

Vintage 50s

Vulcan reproduced the sound and look of the ’50 cymbals, perfectly identical to the great handwork of the past master cymbal maker, and with the same formula. The Vintage ’50 has the same shape as the original ones. Discriminate tones, clear warm tonality and dark in the lower register.


This serie is dedicated to the Great Drummer from Jazz and new Orleans. Great for funk and fusion, the lathing work is perfect for those cymbals, because this serie has stick control and the right weight for cutting through the amplified music. Those cymbals are still dark and defined for all kind of music. For discriminate players.


Designed to cut through the sound of guitars, Legacy cymbals have a loud and bright sound, excellent for all musical styles. Wonderful look and perfect stick response on the rides, Hi Hats and powerful crashes. Available in two versions: Rock (Gun Grey finish for all rockers), and Funk (traditional finish and a perfect mix between Classic and Papa series)


Hi-Hat raw 8", Hi Hat FX 12", Hi Hat 14" with plexyglass bottom, trash crash ride, crashes FX...a world of effects by Vulcan.


This cymbal is a true classic EFX. Gold finish with 6 or 18 holes around the cymbal for a true cutting sound. 

Vesuvio Pack

This series is the best B8 cymbals series on the market. A great cymbals set for the budget, but with great professional features, for the drummer that still likes the brilliant sound and the clear ping of the B8 cymbals. Versatile rides, cutting crashes, articulate and shimmering hi hat, for all the musical situations. The Vesuvio series comes as a great package with 3 cymbals plus hi hat, for every musical language.

- - - PACK (HH14”+CR16”+R20”) 

- - - Crash 18”

- - - FX Crash 18”

Ghost Pack

Thanks to the laser tecnology, Ghost series are 80% quieter cymbals. Great for drummers, who prefer to combine authentic feel with quiet practicing, ideal for practice rooms, drum schools and unplugged gigs, all where quiet play is necessary. The Ghost series comes as a great package: 20” ride, 18“ and 16” crashes, 14“ Hi-hats including bag.

Travel Pack

The unique tonal grooves on the bottom, the smoother lathed on the top and the mini bell offer a “prettier” sounding cymbal. “T” cymbals pack is designed for the“on the road” players, for all styles.

Percussionist Set

“P” series by Vulcan cymbals features light, extra thin cymbals, which reveal their full sound potential when played by hands. Great for your percussions set or if you are cajon player’s. “P” cymbals obviously sounds good when slapped by hand, never prevails the sound of your percussions.


Quality bags and other gears for your Vulcan days.

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